Much light much knowledge.
Go slowly.
Do not trust all people for they will be greedy of your knowledge.
For you are naive.
I walk with you and the ancient ones.
Many will benefit from our work together.
Popp holds much information for all creation and herbs of lights of different levels.
The light is energy of varying degrees.
Some plants can hold more light than others, the elemental of the plant.
Their use is determined by the light.
Each plant has a cellular memory which is handed down.
The clary Sage structure can be effected and can be used for so many different treatments.
I come to you in love to bring balance and harmony to your Earth plane.
Things said by bad men.
As you know I am two faced and I will always show you the one which is the one you know.
So never be frightened of me my child for I am the protector of Danue. For she is a great being.
I am her protector and being of light.
We know that you have learnt humility and knowledge is in safe and loving hands over the years.