There is a fascination.
Do I have a different smell?
Sunsets. Soon even those that sing with me
in the warmth of darkness.

There is no dark place that holds fear.
Do you not say
"in the darkness blind man is king".
Travel well.


The circle has started.
Are you happy to start the circle?
Will you have started the circle yesterday?
No? Or tomorrow?
Do you start willingly for all?

Then so be it,
and it will soon come to pass. 
My ears will be opened
as my doorway to you.
Ask. Dream. The world will change.
Just as you change and grow.


Listen with care
to the talk of circles
within the next passage of your time

Allow the dream of words to form,
let it grow with a new life,

just as with the passage
of the present sages,
more will grow.
Their words will last for ever.

As you write now,
individual pencils
and blank sheets of paper
will join together
to become one.
A new volume.
Words and dreams for all.
Endeavour at all times
to keep the new spirit.

The new child
light and bright.
Blue is a pleasant hue.


You would ask me a question?
The book?

You have my words.
The childrens stories.
So be it.

Tis easy write a book.
who will write the book?
The universe?
Which part here?
All! (write).
So be it


John and sue
his sweet lady will look after him.

rom the hills (Tibetan)
come great medicine.
The sweet lady is large.
I know her as I know myself.


There is much to do.
There are many ribs
that are in much need of a tickle.
Many eyes
that are in need of a poke.
It has been said
that there are many cages
that are in need of shaking.
But with love and light and fun.
Here is a vast love for all.
A fine green cloak is cast about you.
Where they walk I walk.

It has been said
and it will come to pass
And you will know
a new window to be opened to the world.
The energies are now one.
The circle will never be broken.
Listen to the lady Atum.
Have a care of the words.
A great energy will talk with you.
The voice of creation.
Then you will have fun.
Have fun.