Sing me a circle.
I am the tear.
The energies change.
The birds sing. All is quiet.

Man stirs to fill his pockets.
 What goods will you gain?
What goods will you loose?
The choice is yours.
The choice is yours to live in Peace.
Who will walk upon this scorched earth?
Bare feet will be black.
There will be imbalance.
The choice is yours.
If it is your desire, say no.
I will collect your pieces.

Just as the four-legged one dreams a dream also
but grasp the vision and make it real.
I have little to say but the words of others.

Who sleeps with the Pig under the hedge?
Ears are closed, yet I have a Bright Light,
a Bright Light that sits close to me.
Pressing onwards.
Yet to finally make the journey between you and me
after 18 years and now sits in my House.
No more to cough.
One now who sees all.

There are words for Brian.
"Old Fool, do you remember me.
We have swum together before,
along the currents in the warm and deep.
And where am I now.
Would you like to know?
You forget me not.
The energies are warm
but it is not the water.
The feelings are the same.
Solitude of ones own choosing.
Total immersion.
The currents are free and easy.
One is always
but never alone.

Be mindful of your house.
Be mindful of the small cramp.
Exercise well.

Who will give me voice?
Jane... The answer is in the soil.
Light logic.
Seek him out.
Who has walked with Popp?
You will not have to ask.
Knowledge will pass.

Lucy. . .I feel rather stuck
This is a wonderful green planet.
The One you called God
bestowed upon you.
A Great Gift. Free Will.
So please tell me why
you sit and cry.
The cat has or does the dog sit in your lap
it just seems very close to the surface
Tell me your desire.
You have the freedom.
You have the will.
The palm of your hand.
The Great Circle.
Dream, Dream - Dream again,
then do it.
Only those who say I cannot do it.


Do you need pockets of coins?
No !
Fill your pockets with dreams and visions.
You can make it happen.

The turmoil will change.
The conflict will pass.
Just a beginning.
A beginning of a change.
Clambering again for resources
With no conservation
there will be no alternative!
You create a conflict
of valuable resources
that are slowly slipping away.
Tomorrow's money in your pocket
will be energy.
Jane.... Conference
   For you.
For mankind?
  For you.
A balance will be effected.
The earth will survive.
Relax Children,
be at Peace and Play.