Jane. Is that comfortable, is that comfortable for the boy?

All you wish to know.
But maybe that which you do not wish to hear.
Jane. Perhaps we should hear it


The blooms are pink
Jane. They ere beautiful, They are very beautiful Roses.
The symbol passes through time.
The keepers of the flowers.
The order of those who would call themselves Rosicrucian.
Spinning on forever
Pretty flowers
Pretty soul
Painted as red
but always pink.

Meg the dog wines outside the door.
She hears me too.
Jane. Yes, she picks up your energy.
They wish to be present.


Who is to paint the cards?
Who will make the pictures bright?
Who must talk to me
late at night?

There is a circle to be made
To be started new.
Take care
as you make the first step.
For upon that circle
the deeds
will go on

First a picture upon a card
Who will play the game?

My help you will have.
Along the circle
you will meet
those who dance with me.
There are many
of us
who do not smell so good
Will I offend your nose?

Jeanie. Is this the reflection of nature and all that stands for--- work of nature?
A work of natural nature.

Jane. How would you have the cards done Pan?
Jeanie. Is this to do with energies natural nature? Is this to do with natural magic?
All magic
all natural magic
and builds

There is many a card
that contains a picture.
Just as the silver disk contains a picture
The silver disk they stamp in the fields and the crops
Out of it bursts a picture.

Jeanie. With the cards. Will there be a story for each?

Jeanie. Thatís what Iíve already been doing.
Each will make the hole
the hole will go on.
Jane. W,h,o,l,e   or    h,o,l,e.
Jane. Thank you.

Jeanie. Am I to do this on my own, or will I ask for help from my friends, with friends
Gather about you
those you know.
You have no need to search.
As you start to play the game
The pens you require will appear.
I will give.
If you will play
the game of cards.


Jeanie. Is the game between two people?
The game of life.
Jane. The tarot cards
Jeanie. yes
Jeanie. I too read the cards. Will I have your help?

Do you like my card?


Jane. May I ask how you would like to be depicted on that card?
The ladies will talk with me
at length.
A picture will form
the circle will be made.
The world will play.
Jane. Thatís a very very large concept Pan.
These cards are very important.
They start the circle
a new way
An expansion
of consciousness
Be brave.
This is all I say today.
Jeanie. Thatís very useful
Jane. Thank you Pan very much

Jane. Do you want to comment on anything else Pan?
I listen with interest
Your words
and your search
for the patterns
in your crops.

Jane. As you know we have read to this group out what you have said before,
about the crop circles. Have you got anything else that you might like to add to them?
Your thoughts of constant progression
are correct.
Indeed nothing must
remain the same
within this physical world.
The immense energies
and the variety of life
that wishes to make itself known
to those who would see and listen
are immense.
Their method of communication
is wide and varied
Many are capable
of integrating
your known technologies
thus talking to you.


Jane. Pan may I ask anybody who wants to ask about
this subject to put a question to you?
Ask any question you wish.
Has anybody got a question they might want to ask about the corn circles?
Yes Steve has, Steve has Pan
Steve. Pan, is the universal life energy channeled to our planetary system
through the spiritual body of the
No. It is more complex.
Imagine this,
that every single molecule
on this planet and every planet
and every space in-between
Interacts with each other
Every single item
is a contributing item
to this wonderful place
you live in.
The Sun provides this planet with warmth,
and will
as part of the great circle
destroy it.

Energies change.
Jane. Have you got anything further you want to ask about this?
Ask quickly.
Steve. I was wondering if the writings of
T. Lobsang Rampa were relevant or can be trusted?
Most excellent words.

Jane. Any other questions
So kind of you Pan
It is my wish
to sing to you all
Happy birthday.
Jane. Oh Pan dear thank you dear
What a wonderful birthday
Thank you.