We each took 300ml. of the tea given by Sue

Green screw top bottles.
The preparation can now be used
as a base,
keep cool.
The individual
you have met
and who you regard
as to need heeling.
You may have to accept
that a complete cure
may not be available
for this person.

A great remedy
and sense of wellbeing
can be achieved
for that person.
Help with symptoms,
general wellbeing.

Did you not look into soul
and see the need?


Take the same amount of fluid
that you have drunk tonight,
gather from the garden
a large hand full
of your finest mint.
Press it into the liquid
and leave
for a complete rotation of time,
till the same hour
again comes around.
Strain the liquid for the man.
Give it to him in a small
dark green glass bottle.
Three drops a day
in a glass of water.
Wish him well.



Yes ladies
you are capable
you remember well.
The creative force stirs.
The creative force lives
and becomes strong.
The bonds of separation
slowly tumble.
The new door is created.
The pathways you walk
are the ones
which are meant to be.



For Angela
Yes for the moment in time
from now and always
will this garden live
and vibrate with all structures
you will remember,
be part of
and ---- allow to continue
to create in this place.
As this grows,
these things will flow,
become ever larger.
Others will come to assist,
guide them well,
guide them with love.
You are old and wise
and weary
and will acknowledge
those that come to fill their pockets
with coins or help.
Some will come.
Some will go.
Those gathered here will endure.
All things are good.
Sleep and dream.



John and Sue
There are many things in store
for them and you.
Many things are unsaid.
Many things may never be said.
The great divine creators plan
will never be broken.
It is not possible
for I or any other
to challenge this circle.
Many in the world,
the great complex human race.
Many areas
would wish things to happen
as they are.
This is not the desire
[of] the great circle.
The circle can not be broken.
Sleep well.