Now is the day that many listen.
Iím ready to hear you Pan.
All sit eyes wide.
Many energies slowly moving.
Such a blend.
At last I have the touch.
So many questions.
Be brave and ask them all.

There is a great silence.
Am I to play games with you all?
No Pan.
There are people who might ask you questions.
Dose any body wish to ask Pan a question?
-- Was the ceremony to your liking?
Most excellent.
Jane. Did it achieve what was required of it?
Much within each as an individual.

Iris. Pan I know that some people here havenít heard you before.
So if you would be kind enough to explain yourself.
We know
Pan as a being of light who goes to where there is darkness,
and brings light.
Many of you will have a different concept of Pan.
But this is the concept that is true and that we hold.
The living light in all things.
He is the spiritual partner of
Gia here.

All places that contain trouble,
and destruction.
For you
I am there.
For it is possible to convert,
to mould energies
and events
that you may consider to be negative.



Will you tell me what the golden orb is please?
The Golden Orb the great energy of life
endures forever
as life itself.
Ancient times,
the Orb was passed from one to another.
Can you tell me please, was it in quarters.
Segments --- --- all linking round?
It is unique unto itself,
to those who perceive it.
Within the Orb as you would call it
are many molecules,
each a mirror of itself.



Iris. What can a group like this usefully do?
Expand your consciousness.
Develop as individuals.
Expand your self-awareness.
Allow others to be.
Forget not those realms where I tread.
The green plants,
your animal kingdom.
Promote help for others
with your expanding consciousness.
Allow it to spread
into the collective consciousness
of mankind.
This is the way for change.



Jane. Have you any words for Ian who is to work - live in Greece?
This is a constructive part,
inasmuch as the individual
is aware of the special place,
energies and essences
will be gratefully taken from this place
to another part of the world.
To embed itself there.
And to be born again
to create,
to create for the individual.
Keep your feet on the grass.



Steve. Iíd like to ask Pan please how can we use crop circle energies?
How are they to be used?
The great circular pictures
contain essences of many races
and many individuals.
The great circular pictures
can be copied
and used
as a visual tool
to assist in heeling,
in movement
to assist in dance,
in movement,
in sound,
with Interpretation.

There are those among you
whose life changes,
who desire change
within in your life.
Great assistance can be found
by the creation
of this type of environment.




Is it your will to sell your house?
Jane. Who are you talking to Pan?
The lady knows.
Sylvia. Me?
The debate goes on.
Sylvia. One minute we are selling it, and one minute weíre not.
Because we were told last week that it was an important centre and that no one else could take it over.
So we were going to take it off the market and then a couple of days later two lots of people interested in it.
So what would you advise?
The environment is special.
I will ask you to consider something
you may feel is foolish.
Build yet another house
in your garden.
Sylvia. Laughs. I think we need the pot of gold thatís at the end of the rainbow to build it.
For very little money.
But make it round
with short walls of stone
and a thatched roof.
Sylvia. Who will we get to build it? We have lost our builder.
And how are we going to pay for it? Is the second question.
There are many seated here.
Spread the idea
into the collective consciousness.
If it is your desire
it will come to pass.
Thank you.



The little children grow and grow.
The pretty blue.
Oh so young,
but stir the energies.
Mother and father quite close by.
They would like to dance.
Who will teach them
to dance a merry dance,
a new dance?
Is there not much time to hear?
Hidden within your orb.



The lady talks to Dolphins,
and I frighten her.
Press me back in the bottle.
You will need a very large bottle.
If it is your will
I will speak to you.
But it must be your will.
That would be very nice.
You are welcome.
Take care of your friends.
Ask them many questions,
they will answer.



Now everyone is silent again.

Jane. Pan could I ask about the snake that we saw at Wells, and weather what we did. Was it correct?
You saw the living energy.
The great serpent.
That which eats its tail.
Iris. Why did we se it? Was it because Jane asked for a sign from you? And you gave it.
This is correct.
Jane. I felt I was being pushed one way and then pushed the other way Pan. And we tried to bring the energy from here.
Positive and negative.
Oh right. It was very beautiful.



Yes lady ask your question.
You change your mind?
Lucy. I am constructing a circle at a good friend of mines house.
Can you give me further information as to the nature of the healing that she [has done] there.
Each person is an individual
and so should be allowed to be,
There are those
who may have a large value in sickness.
Think to yourself.
Dose their sickness need to be healed?
Do they want to be healed?
Think of their consciousness
and their awareness,
think of the approach
as whole mind,
head each area.
Use your shamanic ideals.
Have I answered your question?
Lucy. Yes thank you.

Follow the desire.
Do not be sent along another pathway.
Take care of the physical expectations,
make them secondary.
Keep talking to the fish.



Iris. May we ask about Delores Cannon. Who we heard at the Crop Circle conference.
I thought perhaps she was under control when she gave her talk.
Because of something she said about the Greys. Do you have any comments)?
No. Ok.



Temperature falls.
Jeanie. Iím planning to do, if I can ask Pan on teaching. It has been indicated to me this is where I need to go.
Teaching psychic development. Whatís stopping me is what do I need to consider when Iím taking it out to ordinary people.
What do I need? I donít want to be opening a Pandoraís box, and disturbing people. Just introduce to them really.
I just wondered if you had any comment that would guide me.
As I have had an indication that that would be a way of progressing.
You are very good
at placing obstacles
in your own pathway.
Your talents are great.
You should use them greatly.
You feel too responsible
for the pathway of others.
Help them,
allow their consciousness to grow.
Then be as each great teacher
should say to the pupil.
"I have taken you thus far.
Now you go.
Tomorrow is yours.
You will make tomorrow".
Donít wait, do it now.
Do it now.
Jeanie. Be honest with people about what I perceive. Even if it means. It may not be what they want to hear.
This is correct.
Thank you, very helpful.
Do that which you feel in your guts.
That which twists
and turns
your physical body.
Do it.
Let it go.
Let it swim.
Let it be free.
Thatís lovely, thank you.



Sue. Can I ask a question please? How do I move forward please Pan?
Dance the infinite dance.
Teach those that come
to move sweet.
Show them the energy that curls around.
They can take it with them
in their work
and in their play.
Grow larger
and larger
and have fun.
You must have fun.



Anita. Can I ask Pan where am I going to get the help I need to be able to accept his energies, and control my thoughts --- --- ---.
The energies are all around you.
The people are all around you.
You need to find nothing.
You just need to see.
Allow no one
to control your thoughts.
You are unique,
as each person,
as each individual,
as each energy
is unique.

You must understand
at all times
you must remain in control
of yourself.
If it is your desire
that it will happen,
allow it to happen.
If it is not your wish
say a large "No"
But make it kind.
Take care where your feet tread.



The Sun moves.
I must move.
The Sun moves.
I must move.



Pan how kind youíve been. Thank you. The only one whoís not asked a question is Brian.
Brian. We have just lost a friend B.K. From the point of view of B. how can we help him
He will be helping you.
From your perception
a short time will pass.
For indeed time is now irrelevant.
As the changes within him grow
you will yet again
hear him
and feel him.
The partnership is not lost.
Send light,
but make it blue,
the colour of the sky.
He now flies free as the bird in the sky
but moves quick as a swallow.
He will be back to annoy you.
Take care.
Thank you.



Sue. I will teach, although this is difficult. Am I making my own obstacles
Keep the dream.
Keep the dream within your consciousness.
That impossible dream.
That which you firmly believe may never happen.
Yet each thought will spin out.
Those about you will hear and feel,
join together.
That dream will become a reality,
that you can make that dream a reality.
There is a great talent within
and you must express,
less you explode like a balloon.



There is a kiss for the lady.
Which one?
Lucy. I have a friend whose father has recently passed away and has been on anti-depressants. Is there a way to help him?
Give him a flower.
Let him watch it open.
Let him watch it wither and die.
Let him ask you
"Why do you do this thing?"
Do not answer.
Reply to him
"You tell me why I do this thing".
Then tomorrow will be different.
Use herbs.



Jane. Might I ask about this friend M. G. who has got M.S. can we help him at all? Will the Clary Sage help him?
The plants grow.
First there is one
and then there will be another.
The boy will be first
and then another,

Pan could you tell me about the Moon and what time --- Would you like a glass of water?