The slivers of sunlight fall beyond your horizon.
Cool will be the evening.
Hear the bird sing.
They see,
they hear
and they feel the great calmness.
The calmness before the storm.
Or the calmness after the storm.

Much has taken place
with the energies
that are present in this place.
A solidifying
a coming together.
The energies rising
combine with those in the physical planes
that meet in your garden.

Building blocks go high.
The spine of the world reaches upwards.
There are those
who will come to this place,
who will teach of these things
with which they are familiar
in this Earth plane.

There are those who will come to learn.
The teacher will say,
"I will teach you of these things".
Yet in the teaching
the teachers awareness will grow and grow.
The pupil will be taught the subject,
but much,
much more.
Many teachers will say,
"This is a talent that I do not possess".
The pupil will reply
" You have the talent for you have taught me this".


That which is needed will be given freely.
Just as the garden grows in bounds.
So will the energy and the understanding.
There is a new beauty,
a new tranquility becoming manifest at this time.
There will be great personal changes
as the energies that you make manifest
collide with the energies
that are present in mankind at this time.
Create balance and harmony.
Forget not that two waves of disharmony
can mould together and become harmonious.


Your questions are many.
You are to journey in the coming days.
Your journey will be sweet
and you will meet many new faces,
new energies.
The meetings will be purposeful
for the times ahead.

A great school forms.
A new school,
one unseen.
The books you will have to write.
It may be your will to teach the teachers
that walk its halls.
Many of those of a spiritual disposition
may find themselves torn apart by change,
complete life changes.
Experiencing new ways of thinking.
Be calm.
Be collected.
As the one said
" Have faith".



You have things you would wish to ask me?
Who is Jesus?
The energy of the one you call Jesus
travels back to the beginning.
For your understanding
it is necessary for me to use the word time.
But to use that word
in the context of the energy you would call Jesus
is incorrect.
Jesus is not associated with time
in the way you would understand it.
For anything material or spiritual.
Of that part which you call the soul
By using the word.
If you associate any of this
with the word time you are saying
this thing has a beginning and an end.
The energy you would call Jesus
does not have a beginning or an end.
He is throughout this thing called time.

The energy you call Jesus
may manifest itself in different forms.
The man,
that human part of that great energy
continued after the crucifixion and his death.
He continued to live and to heal,
travel and heal,
until with the decision and blessings of all,
he returned for a little while
to the spiritual realms
to work to teach to heal.
Taken down from the cross
and wrapped in the finest cloth,
placed in a stone chamber.
A great stone from the garden,
that sweet garden
rolled across.
Sealed by the soldiers
an official seal placed across
the joining stone
to the opening.
Next day gone from that place of death.
Do not be concerned.
Those loved are being tended for and I will wait.
Clear words came from his mouth the next Day.

All that I do and have done
can be done by man.
The words you see
just said
I do little that is special.
What I can do you can do.
Is this not a great thing?

The God energy,
allow it to walk within you.
Love is a small word.
I would make it bigger,
and use your words unconditional love.
Many in your own language.

There are many
that walk about this physical garden.
Ordinary people and yet they carry within them the Christ energy.
Christ is understood by me to be anointed.
There are many who would consider
the word to mean something different from the Hebrew language.
The anointed one.
The Christ.

I may have you yet searching through the akashic records.
The great record of all things.
The imperishable knowledge.

It must be understood
that not every individual that manifests
may appear to use that consciousness
in a positive way.
Balance is the key is it not?

And as the word is spoken
you will feel the truth
running through your veins.
A cold breeze slowly creeping through
the building blocks of your spine.
In this way your djed will be raised.
The raising of the individual djed
will become in tune
in harmony with djed raised upon this ground.
There will be harmony,
balance and understanding.
The same song will be sung by many.
Kundalini energy.
Two different qualities of the same energy
so that each will have the knowledge
Each to their own
According to their individual ability.
It will bring a wealth of energy.
We will both have different qualities
of the same energy.
So can teach in our understanding,
each to his own ability.
This is why we are together.

Many will come with versatile gifts
and we will nurture and encourage.
Teach the teachers.
These may come with a wealth Of knowledge
and offer to teach.
You may say yes but with your knowledge
Your wisdom,
Your friends,
the Christ consciousness,
the energy of Jesus,
you will be able to question those great teachers
who come to your door step
full of knowledge,
overflowing with gifts
on a specific subject
and you will listen and say
oh yes I agree with that
but with words of great simplicity and Love,
expand their consciousness
and make the word Love bigger.
For it is a special word
and in the human mind the word unconditional
does need to be sewn into the feeling and thoughts.
Such a beautiful thing.


The seeds are sewn.
The Earth has been damp.
And is it not true
that which is germinated from such a small seed
already flourishes in the garden.
Small and green and happy.
Just as the seeds planted with care and intent
grow in your garden.
So the seeds you grow within the heart of man.
Many come and take away that seed,
that light.
Many have spoken words of prophecy.
Words of teaching.
Many travel to different parts of the world teaching.
Those that teach here will be unique,
because it will be based on truth
and given in service
with unconditional Love
All aspects will mould together.
teaching all things
will combine
to provide a situation
and an experience
that in its initial stages
will not be experienced
in any other place upon the Earth.
There are many factors that will contribute.
Each person,
that arrives will contribute
each animal that walks here
will contribute.
The birds in the trees.
The grass on the ground.
Healing from the spiritual realms.
There are many who wait to help,
many who have contributed
in their past lives to the energy.
This is a time of growing.
A time of change
as each of you are indeed individuals
and have the greatest gift of free will.
Allow each to develop.
Be free.
Be full of unconditional love.

If it is undesirable
for you to follow a thorny pathway,
an easier route may be suggested to you.
Follow your heart.
Follow that which speaks to you inside.
You know the way,
the truth and the light.

Contained within the great circle of life,
at the beginning of this incarnation.
Who I wonder,
sat in the great circle and said
I will do that to the best of my ability,
with my heart, my physical soul
and my love".
And now sits quietly and says,
"I am not good enough".
You know you are good enough,
lest you would not be here.

I have little ---- for you.
You bring --- the vibrations down the -------
the human experiences of all individuals
alter the vibrations
as the human form travels
through this physical life.

There are those
and many who travel through this physical life
who would take advantage of your balance and harmony,
and in this physical world
you will indeed find it necessary
to ---- that certain people stay outside your garden.
Please accept with respect,
a negative action can result in a positive balance.

For you my lady
I am to repeat that what has been said before.
This is a worldly world,
Physical things loom large.
Those beings of light and energy
in the spiritual realms
with who you converse,
are aware,
so very aware,
so close to the source.
Listen with care.
Think carefully upon the suggestions
they have they have for you.
Your present situation,
the changes in your life
are opening for you like a flower in the morning.
On the tree of life there are many flowers.
I sugest to you to listen and to look
at these lovely spiritual flowers
in the physical world
exist you do.
But listen to it less.

There are many false prophets
in this great paradise.
Trust greatly the words you hear
from your guides and helpers.
Listen to their words and experience
Your own feelings
as you listen
you will feel the truth in the words.

She is a great light.
Her understanding forms in a particular way.
Contained within her contacts
you will find little pieces of information.
Due to the complexity of her words
you may have to look with your stomach
rather than your eyes.
If you as a physical one require confirmation
be as pedantic as the boy.
He will tell you how.
Time passes into another day
John. I should make it simple.
No, just be.


The stars are bright.
This phenomena is complex,
Involving energies of the Earth.
The changing of the field.
The interaction of that field
with its surroundings with the planet.
Complex new energies arrive.
Are manufactured.
by man.
And can and do have a physical effect.
Many enjoy a mighty jaunt,
creating pictures in the landscape.
Many sit with pen and paper
forming pictures to amuse the many.
Ask unto yourselves,
from where does this inspiration spring?
Both sides of this table are true.
The great circle of those who construct the circles.
Those who set out to fool are fooled.
For contained within the circles of those that fool
lies a truth.

It is possible is it not
to write the circle of a truth
and be unable to see it also.
Not all done by man.

They come to teach awareness.
Is this not a great riddle?
Yet who will go forth to solve the riddle.
There will be one or more
who will diligently gather all things known
and contain sufficient wisdom
to place physical and spiritual principles together
and observe the creative possibilities.
Their pictures are wider than this understanding
{the five summers}.
Crop circles are important.

You listen do you not
with your senses to your guides and helpers?
Listen also with your feelings and feel the truth.
There are now incarnate at this time,
who will if quietly questioned,
feel the meaning,
the design
and the purpose of a structure.
As structures are different.
There is an overall creative picture
and an individual picture.
A great percentage of the humor
is in that they mirror the circle of the people.
Each person that forms a circle is an individual.
Each circle is individual.
A collection of circles becomes whole,
just like people.
Six people sit in a circle and meditate.
The six are individuals and form a circle.
The six form a circle.
Or a crop circle.
The six individuals
yet make one circle.
The more people meditate
in circles all over the world.
The more they are creating the energies,
which form the circles.


Much is made of ancient circles
made with stone and alignments.
Many of the stone circles
were quite simply
erected to commemorate a special place
and special people
who appeared at that place
at that time.
Each stone represented
a person,
an individual
with an individual energy.

As the individuals left
the stone would stand
for many a lifetime.
For many a future child
to stand
and remember
the words of their ancestors.

Simple but the truth.
Not in every single case.
A simple overall picture.


It is known
and understood
in certain circles that there are those
who are inspired to visit other fair islands.
It is fortunate that with ease
and at your ease you may move
about this great planet.
In your work
you may find it necessary to travel,
to adjust or transform subtle fields of energy.
As you travel again
you will meet others that are waiting
to cross your pathway.
Indeed there are many waiting for you.
The number will be
the same size as a bushel of potatoes.
How many can you carry?
The choice is yours.
Your will is free.
How many words
and how many people of wisdom
can you accommodate in this Moon?



At this moment in time
three the the magical number.
You can add after the number three
as many Os as you desire.
Do you not think that is good humor?
As the ways of the children.
The first five become fifty
then five hundred.
Feel the thoughts.

You will experiment.
I will give unto you a word.
You will feel that word in a moment.
You will instantly repeat to me in the affirmative
or the negative way.
It is Australasia.
South America.
This island is in great need of repair
in subtle energies
and we need to re-establish the light.
For there are large swathes of energy
that have resided in this place
for ages
and need little more than qualities I possess.
New seeds
New voices
New experiences
We require future growth.

Much of your work will remain
within the boundaries of this fair garden.
Yet you will go outside
to help heal Mankind.
The planet and all things
that walk upon its surface,
swim in its sea and
burrow in its earth.
Up and beyond,
you will travel to other places.
I will see you walking toward my door
and there I will have flowers for you
of the finest that have ever seen.
You will smell
and you will taste
the fine fragrance,
you will breathe into your soul
the breath
and sweetness
of unconditional love.
Breathe on me breaths of God.
And I will have life anew.
And so the circle will continue.
Just as did Jesus.