You are already helping your fairy friends
by creating an oasis of healing, of light.
You may not see them.
You may not hear them.
But already you can feel their vibrations
which will continue to affect you in what you do.
They will be your helpers
and give you constant inspiration.
They are part of me
as I am part of them,
and so when they work with you
I will be working with you.
The hand that you use
will be well and truly work worn.
Different energy patterns will occur.
Which will heighten the vibrations of this area.
There is much to do.
There will be much to do.
Already the Earth trembles in anticipation.


What was the energy pattern that came last night?

 Energy fields were being altered.
 Sometimes we do it at night.
 Energy fields have been slowly changed over time.
 Which accounts for your sensitivity.
 For your work will bring great joy.
 Eating habits change to take higher vibration.
 Sleep well my children have much for you to do.
 My children your ears feel our energy.
 What do you need?
 This is but the beginning.
 The beginning of -------- and working together in full consciousness.
Who else working here?
 We have sent the Gnomes to work with you.
 Many will wish to ---- this.
 But you have power of choice.
 Your time of travail is over.
 A time of flowering is at hand for both of you to be of spread light.
 Much love and laughter,
 and we will guard you as ---- -- May.
 This is indeed a sacred ---- the soul centre of planet.
 Is on etheric
 But you will be driven urged to visit many places
 ------ energy we have given you will ---- the energies centres.
 The Earth will rejoice in what you are doing.
 We are your brothers and sisters in the light.
 We come knowing you will work with the light.
 We come to some,
 to those who are ready,
 awakened beings.
 Beloved by J.
 It is the truth.
 Better this way.
 We leave with love and joy for we have made contact.
 We will come when needed.
With Pan?
 We are pleased to make contact with you my children.
 We have watched your progress from afar.
  So much love.
  For all you do,
 We will help you with and bring to you people to help you.
 For you are indeed to help the Earth --- --- her last stage of evolution.
 We are not of this planet.
 We are an intelligence from another------
 we are an energy form you would not recognise.
 But we wish to work with you for the good of the whole.
 Much will be accomplished in this place.
 There will be -------.
 More ------- will be change of vibration and energy of this place.
 John will help you for this is part of his --------
 He will help by anchoring the energies.
Your light fields are ------- and we will ---- ---- -- ---- ---
 you can receive the energy patterns we send.
 J not well enough yet for she can hold great power,energy,
 and this you can use to ------- where it is needed.
 We come in love.
 With light.
 Now that we have made contact,
 we will ---- and work with you for highest good.
 Your world will open and expand.