Iris. I would like to ask. What help could we give to the boy?
I hear the sweet music.
The blackbird speaks
in the calm before the storm he- - - -.
You ask for help.
Yes, yes please.

It is written
that his life will change.
Many dramatic things
may [alter] his way.
Support the frame,
the physical frame
to [his] spirit
- - spread flowers on his chest
as he sleeps.
The healing blossoms
soak into the body,
and invigorate for tomorrow.


Jane. Are there any herbs, erm we can pick, prepare for him. In addition please?
Your special work is soon to be started
[there are] many things
necessary to talk [about].
Along the pathway
you will become aware of herbs,
of colours
and energies
that will not only help the boy,
but others.


Jane. Yes, thank you Pan. So at the moment there is nothing more that we can do?
This is a period of transition
this will Ė with a period of learning,
of understanding.
You wait
to be brought
into the spiritual realms.
This is the boyís pathway.
This must come to pass,
or it will be in vain.
Keep his body together.
His spirit

- - I love him dearly,
as do many
- - - till the task is complete.
As one physical doorway
will be closed in his face,
we will open another.
Either side of this [world]
through it he will walk
to Ė bathed in Ė
- - gaining experience.
As I sit in his body
Ė this is a gift
I have been given.


[My world] is both
small and large.
For I am in all things large
and all things small - -.


Jane. Pan it is very good to hear you. Thank you, thank you for telling us about the boy - - -.
Is it your wish
that I leave this memory with him?
Yes please.
If it is your desire
it shall be so.


Jane. Thank you very much, and you will stay and talk with us a bit?
Jane. Thank you.
Iris. Thank you. May we ask you some questions?
And if you feel they are not right, then please do tell us -.
Jane. Thank you. May we ask, who the beings were that came last night?
Ė [tears] - - - - so much joy.
How did you receive those that came?
Jane. With love. It was a very fine energy. Love, peace Ė and they altered our vibrations.
They altered our consciousness - -. Iris. What did you perceive that they did, and why did they come?
Those who came to you last night
were fine energies.
Fine energies
that permeate through
- - - - - - energies of love,
peace and understanding.
Ėinaudible sentence-
energies from

sub-atomic structure
of the Earth
becoming manifest.

This is a
very, very, very
special - - - - manifest,
a special place.
They will return again
and again.
With your interaction
they grow,
spreading - - - - -.
Iris. Will we give them form through experiencing them?
Their form already assembled.
This is how
you are able
to perceive them.
Thank you.


I will describe
unto you
cautionary tales
- - to be
very, very, very
Your spirits are pure.
Your intentions are pure.
There are many
who desire
the status quo
of this wonderful place
to remain as it is.
May yet seize
the opportunity
to [cut my] energies.
Iris. So we donít tell. We donít discuss this Ė do we?


Those assembled here
form a divine,
the divine number of three.
Divine numbers
will be within our future.
Divine numbers,
divine colours,
in this way - - - -.
You can use the symbology
of numbers
and colours
so that you may
perceive and understand
very quickly
Ė technical nature
of [our world].

There are many,
many things
which I could say unto you.
Technical things
about photons and protons and quarks.
This is the world
I Ė the small atomic structures.

What is a quark?
How do you perceive
a thing so small?
Something so small
- - - - part of an atom.
So small
and yet
there is smaller still -.
Look inside these things
that are strange to you
called quarks
are three basic units
of energy.
This is as far
as the human form
will be able to perceive
for thousands of years.
Until he learns
to cross the dimensions- - - - - - -.
Do I help you?

Jane. Thank you Pan, yes, yes you enlighten us. May we ask other questions please?
Thank you.
I will first describe to you
the significance of
the first three numbers.
The first three sacred numbers.

Every one wishes to be ONE.
At ONE with the universe,
and ONE with them selves.
Our first number is one.
With the number one
goes the colour red.
With the colour red in the material world,
you can perceive and understand
all the things associated with that colour.
Things that float through this mind.
Red for danger.
There is also the primordial red.
Red of the volcano,
the centre core of the Earth
that contains so much energy.
So much heat it is molten.
The core - - central core.
Red can be a very dangerous colour.
Red for anger.
- - - - Red can be a primordial transforming energy,
the building blocks of life
the one.
The one cell.

So Iíve brought you to number three,
the next number to figure in your works.
Three is yellow.
Yellow is the colour of the boy.
Yellow is close to gold.
Gold is the spiritual energy,
the final mix.
Final primordial mix before the Earth plane.
Three the divine trinity.
The holy three.


The next number is five.
Five is blue,
as blue as your sky.
The first number as you leave the Earth plane.
So peaceful.
The colour of the five new children yet to come.
And so you have the first three numbers,
1, 3 and 5.


As you work.
You can gather herbs.
You may make infusions.
The infusions that you make must be done with care,
and only with the water found at this place.
Infusion Ė herb quantity of one
you may add three times that volume of water.
Only your water from this place.
There will be no dilution,
for your sweet H2o is so special
as it pours out of the ground.
As it creeps up day by day
as we talk.

- - - I smell your water.
I can smell clear
- - horses - - -
treatment is five for animals - - - -.
You may need large quantities of your water,
containing infusions.
For large quantities,
you can use the number five.
If you have a bucket of infusion.
To this you may add five more buckets of water,
then we have a large quantity of that dilution.
Do you understand?

Jane. Yes, it will be a yellow flower or yellow herb infused. Five is blue, three is yellow -.
This is important information for you - - - - -.
Iris. And would you say Pan, it would be wise at this moment to keep it to ourselves.
That would be prudent.
Yes. No one else, until you think its right. Yes?
As time progresses we will talk on many occasions.
For there is much that needs to be added
to that which you have written down.
Much much much
more to be added.
Then you will have the complete picture - - -.
Sacred numbers. Sacred quantities.
At this moment in time you will see
that it is the easiest way,
the kindest way,
for you to understand.
Thank you.

It would be an advantage to you.
If I suggested to you
that you must- -hundred and seventy five
[battles to you] - - - - - - - -.
Jane. Is it time yet to plant? Will you tell us what Ė because [the] Clary seed as you know we have.
Your friend- - - -.
The lady knows more than she says.
Thank you.
Much knowledge is still there.
Which lady is this?
The source of the seed.
Can you keep a time for planting?
Within weeks
[when] you have this time for planting within weeks.
I will [make] that time - shorter
and tell you the exact day
when you come to plant the seeds.
Thank you.


Phases of the Moon
and its contained influence
are very important.
For contained within its influence
are again in those energies.
Those refracted light
spattering upon the planet at night
contain the colours and the numbers 1,3 and 5.
Thank you.

The primordial energy,
divine three,
the spirit of five [together].
Thank you. Iris. Itís primordial energy, spirit of?
Of one primordial energy.
Yes. Three is spiritual.
The divine three.
The last links before the physical body,
the holy trinity.
The final links before life itself.
One cell,
one sperm fertilises the cell,
it divides and becomes two
this is very good.
How did it occur?
With three,
a divided spark.
Lifeís building block
between number four,
the green planet Earth.

-long pause-

Perhaps you should ask more questions.
Iris. I was going to ask what part do I play in this? Because I donít live here. I come here to see Jane.
Your life at this time of the calendar may change.
You may,
if it is your desire [have more] free time.
- - need to talk.
Talk with those here and talk with those in spirit.
- - - talk the telephone and use your spiritual telephone.
You know the numbers 1,3,5, dial them.
I [link] you with you.
So it is not impossible for you to keep in contact.
No it isn't.
That contact will have no distance.
As things progress with the -.
You donít live here and see.
You feel.
Feel things as they take place
as they take place within your heart - -.
Either in this country or on the other side of the world.
Those coming together working as one.
They join together as they must be Ė
spirit -.
Iris. Thank you. May I ask that Jane has a meditation group here, and we are three now.
It would seem to me that it would be better for the three to meet periodically.
Or do you think that the three should meet with the meditation group?
There are times when I may talk to you in a large group.


- - a long inaudible speech by Pan- -


Iris. Can the boy sustain this?
You are concerned about my presence?
Iris. I am concerned because I wish not to be greedy.
At the beginning of our conversation
I - the boy in this position.
I am constantly - generating waves.
Like the sea.
My voice may change.
Ė calm waves.
Make the voice more natural.
There may come a time
when you will be able to hear my voice
as I walk about my garden,
perhaps with many friends,
here I am - - -.


Iris. Pan I feel a great love for you. I do its in me, erm but.
We have kissed in the past.
Iris. Have we? But I do feel this love in my heart and I ask.
Why have you chosen to give of your time and your energies and why,
and this is in humility I ask, have you come here to those who are here?
The boy has been working for many years.
Searching through the - - - -with love.
Searching - - that he would come upon those.
They would learn this has taken place.
Now is the time for larger things
- - - - - this is the first time.
For too long those have said
Ė there are those that ask me
- - - children - - - -
now is the time.
Now is the time to change.
To work in Ė ways.

Iris. Perhaps you remember that you said that you pressed a trigger in me and I understood. Yes.
Iris. So perhaps you have pressed another trigger and I understand a little bit more about you.
That you have experienced the dark places.
That you had experienced the absence from light.
And now it is your turn to work with the light even more,
and to go ahead into the light and to be the being that you truly are. Yes
Wherever there are dark places,
I am there.
Yes but you are also light
Wherever there is death,
I am there.
When there is a large natural disaster,
I am there.
- - - - My work is as you said - - - -
to transmute the negative energy.

Iris. Yes that is why you are in the darkness. Because that is your work isnít it?
It is the darkness of -
Iris. Thank you so much for doing this. It is indeed a great task that you have been set.
That is why. As a spirit in human form, I wish to help you as much as I can, if I can.
It gives me great pleasure to sit in this room

- -long inaudible section- -

Iris. With your permission we can say what we have [done] with our understanding.
There are those who have to work in the dark to transform the dark.
This is so.
Iris. And this is what I was saying. I have the opportunity.

- - Pan talks in an inaudible whisper that the tape can not heared - -

Iris. We would not exist would we without [you]. Thank you.
We are privileged indeed to have you here. That you share so much with us.
Ėinaudible sentence-
Jane. It is very difficult to describe the love, the thanks one feels.
-inaudible section-
Are you saying that he will leave his job?
Ėmany inaudible sentences-
So this land is under your protection. Those who work, dealing with light are also under your protection, yes?
Ėinaudible sentence-
Iris. But you are indeed with light.
Ėinaudible sentence-
Iris. And you in your great love for the divine creator has submitted coming to here.
Submitted to working with the dark, didnít you? That was the extent of your love isnít it?
It is.
Iris. That you did this out of love. You left the light and came here didnít you?
Iris. To work with the darkness and to transmute the darkness, yes.
Iris. What greater love can any being have than what you have done? And I as a human acknowledge it and salute you.
This is my work.
Ėinaudible sentence-
When the Earth has finished its task then you can go on to a higher phase - - evolution wonít you?
Ėinaudible sentence-
Iris. You could not do any more could you, if you tried. What youíve done.
Ėinaudible sentence-
Iris. With my understanding in all humility.
I say the lord God has you in his hands - - -Yes I can feel that he has you in his hands.
I cry as I say this, for with the tears that you have shed. He has shed through you. Those you are looking for.
Tears of joy.
Ėinaudible sentence-
Iris. You indeed blessed man. What is your other name? It doesnít matter if you donít want to say it. But I think I know it.
I am Ictus.
Yes, yes, yes, yes.

Ėlong inaudible section-

Jane. Thank you so much for what you have told us, shared with us.
I have told you many things

-inaudible section-

: Pan leaves :
: Iris prays :
: John wakes :




Quite a privilege. Are you with us John?
Jane sniffing emotionally. I could not do anything else.
Iris. John your going to remember what he told us about you.
Heís going to keep it in your mind-. John. Crikey! Laughs. Iris. It was, erm wonderful.
Jane. Himself. Well I find it very difficult to say anything. Because - -. Iris. My fault. But you are going to have a change.
Your going to leave your job. Your meant to have a change. And from what I can gather you were brought here because you have been learning for a long time in your work - - this is the way your going to work. And he gave us certain information. Jane. He was teaching us about the sacred numbers and colours.
1,3 and 5. And we are a triangle- - here, and whatís going to, in the meditation circle, is that he will allude to something- what he is talking about, talking about numbers and colours, they wont know. We know cos weve been told . You will know because you have been told it - - - and lots of other things, and basically the most wonderful thing John. Was that we were given greater understanding of Ictus. Erm can you imagine, a being of light. Of his, or her, or its own freewill, going into the darkness with the love of God, and working in the darkness. And being abused by those who donít know better. And that what Ictus has done, is doing, thatís why he is at the dark places. Because he is there to bring the light in. And he is a part of you - - -. Iris. He is a part of you and therefore where he goes you go. And he said various things of me - -. He basically said that, erm I share with you, erm that I can tap into, I think its an internal telephone, and can tap into the spiritual. Jane. Using the 1,3,5 dialing code. John. Laughs. The 1,3,5 dialing code, crickey. Iris. Yes. Erm you know. You were brought here because this is the place where you - - where you can be closer - -your going to have the changes ahead. He said that. Jane. And he erm. When youíre asleep, he puts the herbs on you. Which then permeate into you -. Iris. You have to look after the physical frame - - and the work is now unfolding. Jane. And the groups. He will come with different words for the groups. Pan loves groups. He likes the energy, the different energies. Which he used his lovely words to describe the different energies. So he will come. But they wonít understand everything thatís said. But we will because there will be certain words or colours that he uses. They probably wont even hear the words. Erm so itís almost as if he is going to do it on, work on two different levels. And erm, that the three of us make up a number. Iris. Divine triangle. Jane. He was giving us lectures about subatomic quantum physics. Iris. The beings that came last night were from the subatomic regions, that normally donít manifest. And so they are going to get stronger and give us information. Jane. But they are becoming manifest arenít they? Iris. Yes. So that they can help at this moment in time. He said that he came because Jane and I have purity of spirit. Maybe was too polite and say your old, bit older - - gone through the mill, and we survived. Jane. And Iris was showing great understanding of Pan. What he had done, and the great love that he had had. And she asked for his other name, and I realised what it was too. Yes, he said Ictus. And heís aware of volcanoes split and where death is he is. The dark places, to bring light to disasters - - - - he was saying that Iris was with great compassion and understanding of what he had done for the love of God. And that he will, after this Earth has passed away, as it were. That he will then go into a more solid form. If that is the will - -. Iris. On the other level talked about quarks. That there are only three dimensions below that of the human. Jane. On the inside of the quark there are three and the human cant envisage any more not for thousands of years. Till we pass onto the next Ė dimension. Iris. So heís given us a lot of information, which I have got to gather together and put it down for you. Jane. I donít think the tape will come out with all this because he reduced his voice to an absolute whisper - - -. Iris. Yes, I thought, just as well I was scribbling. So I donít think that a lot will come from this tape. Because your voice was very soft. Jane. He said that he was constantly modifying your vibrations. Iris. We wondered if it was too long for you. And he said he was looking after your physical and your vibrations. And that you were out on the grass and the trees as he was talking. That you were free to go there. Jane. I think that you will have great happiness and joy in what will come for you. John. Itís odd that you should say that. Because of all that I remember about it. I remember that earlier on that I was looking over there. And somewhere over there was some yellow flowers or something. I donít know erm its as if id gone and stood in front of the yellow flowers and was just looking at them. Jane. Youíre possibly seeing flowers that are yet to come. John. I donít know, erm it wasnít a reflection in the glass was it? Iris. No. Perhaps the you that was you went out, the spirit of you went out into whatever it was. I mean that after a while Pan, when Ictus is with you. You leave your body and the you that is you go out. Go out and wonder. Then when he vacates the body, back you come. Jane. It is quite overwhelming, the love - - - - - - So we are truly honored - -. Iris. And Jane knows somebody who has more knowledge than she lets on about herbs. And this woman where she got the Clary sage seed is going to help her which is good isnít it? I asked how do I cope because I am not here. And he said when you have freedom what is distance. Jane. And telephone, he was talking about a spiritual telephone, dial 1, 3, 5. Iris. So itís ok. Itís all going to work out. Things will become clearer and clearer. Jane. Yes, there are going to be lots of instruction. And he told us, he started off about the numbers. Number one was red, and that was, although it could stand for lots of things, was primordial energy, and can be anger, and can be the heat of a volcano, inside of a volcano the molten core of the Earth. Then he went to number three. Number three was gold. Thatís your colour, which I think you told me once before. John. Yellow. Jane. Because you came round and worked out figures with me once, remember? John. I do yes. Jane. Gold is a pure metal. And then he went to spiritual Ė he went to five which is blue as is the sky. Then he was talking about two. Is the joining of the egg and the sperm. And the three is the eternal, is the life force. Four is the Earth, is yellow and blue, the meeting of those two. So he was giving us a wonderful lecture. Iris. He also told jane how to mix up the herbs for animals as well as humans. And he simplified it. Instead of grams and what have you -. For example, if you have a bucket full of herbs for a horse you would multiply it by five and put five buckets of water, and you must only use the water from here - - - - and for human beings, you do it by a multiplication of three, and its not to be diluted. Itís got to be that specific. Iris. You are his vehicle and he loves you very much. He said that. Jane. He told us about the Moon. He told us about the Clary sage, about the day of planting. Judith would get within weeks, and he would get it to the day. Because the day had to be when the Moon was right. Because the Moon spread light on the Earth, with the divine numbers, which heís given us 1,3 and 5. Radiationís and colours effect the seeds. So you get the red the yellow and the blue from the Moon. The spectrum. So you see John what specific information. Which he said would not give to the group, and we must not give it out. We asked specifically whether we should keep it and he said words to the effect that there are those who would want this knowledge and perhaps abuse it. So you donít give it out. So Jane would do things her way, and people would just have to guess what she does. Thatís right yes. Iris. And if they guess right ok, and if they guess wrong yes thatís ok. She dose not have to say oh I do three of this and must use this water. We donít say anything because what they donít know they canít do a thing about. I think that girl who came was an example. Jane. I think she came. She was sent as a demonstration. Iris. Perhaps yes. So thatís it itís all beginning. Jane. Very exiting. I think thatís why youíve had a change. Everything things happening. Youíve been moved sideways. Youíve got a learning curve coming, your inner learning curve. Iris. If I may attune to you John. Without my being forward with you. As I sit in your energy field. I know that you are like ictus. That you have come from wherever you were, in order to bring light. You have experienced darkness my friend, much darkness of the spirit, of the soul, of the spiritual - - you have felt bowed down by this darkness and that it is something you have been sent here to do as part of your growth - - - - -. As a human I think it is the greatest thing to be able to do this. Because how many of us - - to go through the pain, with the darkness that Ictus and you have -. Not many of us would do it John. Youíve done it and Ictus is doing it through love. So I would like you to remember that. Because maybe when you are against darkness you will know that thatís your path. That the light is there. You carry the light within you - - sat before you. And you as Ictus - - so much love. Jane. You can feel it cant you. Iris. Yes, ime feeling it now, and I am not surprised, sat here my heart chackra is open and so is Janes. And I said to the you that is Ictus. I said I feel so much love for you. We have met in other times. He said yes. Jane. And kissed he said. Iris. Yes he said we have kissed. He thought, this will shut her up. But then I knew that we had kissed in ceremonies in other lives, when as beings of the light we all worked together and so you. Its quite something isnít it John. John. It is isnít it? Jane. The nature of the blue babies. The babies are colour blue, number five colour you see. This is why youíve come here. Because youíve had a long lonely path, this is where he led you here. Thatís why itís happening here.