The five children
to be born on your planet
are indeed aspects of the Godhead.
We will see
that they are brought up
in obscurity.
None will know them
until the time
when they are ready
to hold the light,
the power.
You will pass in the street
and not   know him.
But the seed of consciousness
will grow
and the power will be given.

Not all same sex
or colour.
To hold power of light.
Be hidden by ignorances of parents
who are unaware
of what they have spawned.
This is the God energy
to be used
to change the consciousness
of your planet
which is going so deep
into chaos
and disaster.

Many will perish
at the time.
For we wish to ensure
the safety of the children,
for there are many
who would take advantage
of the children,
and we will not help them.
But those who carry the light
will be saved
and carry the world
to another light of change.

See much before I go
and be shown to you
but need to show much ---------
and you like to live a quiet life here.
You are here ------- so work ---- be anchored.