A project is undertaken or started,
and in the undertaking of that project
things may go wrong.
Misunderstanding may occur.

For your work
great care must be taken.
Great care
for the first project.
For that which is created
in the first project
will remain the first.
Subsequent projects
will model themselves
on the first project.
Rather like the birth of a child
born in his own image.
Each subsequent child
may resemble the first.
Each subsequent project
will resemble the first.
If the first project is wrong,
so will all the others,
and another method will have to be found.
Do you understand?



Do not be disappointed
if the growth of your plants
are the forms,
other forms
of the same substance.
The seed structure
or those you have planted
is not 100 % genuine.
Acquire seed if you wish
and cast a crop
at the time you receive the seed.
Those that sprout we will use.
Those that fall by the wayside,
so it will be,

Those we need
will grow and use.
It dose not matter about the Moon.
Plant directly you receive.
Its energies are still very chaotic,
still very transitory.

All plant life in the area
feels the unusual energy
seasonal growth can be distorted.
Take this into account.



You enjoyed my disturbance
that Egyptian five phases communication is clearer.
It has been explained to you.
In the coming period of time
there will be
a great healing
and great healing of people
that may come to this place.

Action rapid,
rapid action may be needed.
Thus our communication must be easier.
My assistance in your actions.
My help to help you
as you help man.

If a person with a physical ailment
should walk through your door
and ask for help,
there would be little use
to say to that person
"come back later
I have to speak to someone".
The talking needs to be done at the time.
The cure needs to be affected
at the time.
Not in several phases
of the mans time.
Thus our communications must grow
as far as you wish it.
How will you achieve
this ease of communication?
The ease of communication
is with the boy and yourselves.
At this moment in time
you hear my words,
the sounds,
the vibrations,
the energies.
The experiences
you have come to experience yourself.
You will come to know
and to feel the slowness,
the certainty and the sound.
Just give up your questions
to me and an answer will be given.

There will be a time of perception
of those within your whereabouts.
People with whom you associate
as time progresses
they will become,
indeed become aware
for it will be impossible to hide
the light generated from this place.
There will be an attraction.
An attraction for many.



The wind is sweet,
very soft,
just like the sunshine.
The waves they are breaking.
Waves of energy.
You have an open door for me.
I can only use
the voice I am given to my ears.



I can see sand.
A sandy shore and a calm sea,
very calm.
a little way out
because of their nets and rigging,
thrown in again and again.
I can remember that which is past.
I can remember that which is past
and that which may bring tomorrow.
My feet are warm in the sand,
very warm.
I love to see the fish play,
The big fish.
Those with a mind of their own.
Those with a tale to tell in the warm water.

The man who stands on the shore
will give them birth.
Coming together,
joining together the races.
The man will go back to the sea
and be born out of it,
out of the water,
and the man will be of the land
and of the sea.

How fares the children,
the children grow?
Where will they be born?
Blue children.
Where will they be born?
As before out of the sea,
like man born of mothers and fathers.
They will know each other.
They will have today
and yesterday and tomorrow.
What will they know?
today and tomorrow.
The truth of their origins,
the unique origins,
their role in today.
They will have tomorrow.

Mans reaction to them will form tomorrow.
The destiny of all will be in their hands.
Will it be a global catastrophe?
Heavens will fall upon Earth.
The work you undertake
is instrumental in their process,
Holistic change.
For the service of the Earth.
First those who walk upon it
and cause the most of the disturbances.
The choice will be theirs.
There must be change for all.
Will we meet the blue children?
The time is short for those to be born.
When they are born,
all five you will perceive.
You will meet.
You must be strong.
So very strong.
For within five short months they will leave.
How will the world perceive this event?
Will people be favorable or ignorant?
This is their choice.
Dependant on their choice,
their actions,
their understanding.
Today will form tomorrow.
This will indicate the rebirth
of the children.

What period will be their second incarnation?
The third incarnation
the children will live for five years.
This can be immediate.
Immediately after the passing
of the second incarnation.

What is the relevance of the blue children?
They will have special attributes.
Their awareness of their hybrid origin
will be very strong,
psychic ability.
They will be aware of their origins,
their mother and father for all incarnations.
They will be aware of their original origin.
They will seek out like-minded people
and talk to those people.
They will integrate with the rest of the people
that walk the face of the Earth,
after the mind of man
is such to accept them.
They look like us but they will be blue.
They are quite capable of taking
a very likable shape
which will be acceptable
to their mother and father.
Grey blue.
Sea blue.
Those children will be like
what mankind ought to be now
but is not.



Second incarnation five months
Third incarnation five years
Fourth incarnation fifty years
Fifth incarnation five hundred years


The five is significant.
Why are you telling us this?
Birth is imminent across the world.
This summer,
as you would have it.
Not next year.
This summer.
Each unique
but part of the collective.
Acting and integrating,
interacting as one.
We can mention this to others who may be skeptical.

Their colour may be quite unique
but to others
how will they process this.
Those that are white,
will they all join together
and destroy those who are blue.
Or will the intelligence
who hate each other for colour
rest and reaction be slow?


What can we do?
Be aware.
The information has passed.
The days still form for me
out of my words.
The words that travel across the air.
You will perceive where you are
and who you are
and those things
which you have to do
to change.
To change to the new energies.
To change to the new structure.
To change the way you think,
the way you feel,
To help those
who come to this place.
Your consciousness will be expanded
and at that point
you will be empowered to say
I am here now
I need to be somewhere else.
Tell me where I need?
Know to come.
This is not a good world.
Advise me where to go.
I am too tell nothing.
Some negotiate with the universe
make tomorrow.
Some pathways are written
others are not.
Some pathways
are written in my good book
and others are not.
For there are many I know little of
in the spiritual
and the physical world.
There are many
I would not wish to know.
But I will answer your questions.
There is a need
to gather together
aspects of information together.
This talent you have.
The information is too large to be contained.
Write it slowly down and refer.
A good reference book
for your personal use,
this is good.
You may find your frames of reference
change tomorrow.
There may be a time tomorrow
when you feel more practical.
More doing instead of being.
This will be short lived,
just a moment
which will allow you to re balance.