The doors are open.
Easy to do,
so very easy.
The energies are warm and thick.
There is a smell of dampness after the summer rain.
I am aware of a thousand questions all bubbling.
You look toward me,
to answer the agenda,
that of the future is a combination,
a combination of your desire.
The desire of the guides.
The desire of the one great energy.



Of what will you ask of me first today?

Now there is silence.
But a thousand questions
waiting in the background.
Jane.Iím trying to think what the best question is.
Iris. Maybe we could leave it in your hands.
If you so desire.

There is much change taking place within your lives.
The old personal way of life disappears.
Tomorrow is a new dawn.
You may ask of many
what tomorrow will bring.
The nature of man.
Itís complexities
their communication with the elementals of this world
bring about tomorrow.
The social structure of the world is indeed changing.
The exchange of information
from place to place
will bring about a new understanding
of those in far off places.
It is hoped that mankind
may use this technology,
this awareness,
to the betterment of all mankind.
Mankind also
must raise his spiritual consciousness
and assist in the raising
the collective consciousness of mankind.

The influx of people from other countries
with different values to those that live in this society
cause you concern.
Is this not so?
Some would say yes.
Others would say no.
Jane. It depends weather they come with criminal intent really.
There again, I suppose there is balance isnít there --- ---?
Publications print numbers.
What is this number so large.
We can overlook the good that the immigrants will bring in.
We can be fooled by the by the publications --- untrue ---
This is correct.
The influx that you see
in this moment in your time
will continue
it may continue to a point
where it may no longer be seen as destructive.
The influx of people
may well in the future
become constructive
inasmuch as those in places of power
May with a little enlightenment
adopt a different more caring attitude.
towards other people
who think they are less fortunate
than those they see.
Those in places of power
may indeed say
"they come to this place
because it is better
it is easier
and life is good".
Those in places of power may say.
"Go back to your country,
stay where you are.
We will make your country better.
You will then have what we have".
And leave them to dwell in peace.

A pretty picture.
But the choice is yours.
Do not under estimate your influence.
Jane. So if we direct our thoughts in that direction
then wee feed into the community consciousness.
This is correct.
Even if this dream,
this vision,
you believe at this moment in time
will never become a reality.
The great number of thoughts and energies
well up from the large amount of people
negative thoughts.
People see the influx of others
as a problem.
Your thoughts,
your will,
Your dreams
flow out into the collective consciousness of mankind,
and if they are positive,
even a positive dream
can become a reality.
From your chair here
you can have a positive effect
upon the direction of mankind.

In a small word
if there is no answer
to the problem
then people say
"it is impossible it cannot be done".
Then dream one.
Make one up.
Someone there will hear that dream.
Someone there will hear that thought.
This may spark within them
an answer to the problem.
Jane. Saying it will be it a problem if we make it one.
If you do the reverse then it wont be a problem
that it would be a positive contribution which our thoughts
---- this is slightly not what we were asking ---
been very concerned about the centre
Israel, Palestine, Egypt.
Though I used to, tried to think positive thoughts.
Im afraid recently I've been failing to do that.
It seemed to be such an unanswerable question Ė
peace between the two
and Iím sure that peace in that area is so important.
I understand your thoughts
about that area of the world.
The words I pass on to you
are the lighter side of my personality.

My desires are simple
and based upon the need to feed the Earth,
all that lives
and is contained therein.
Moving through the dimensions,
flowing through the energies
of the great cosmos.
The baser energies
that are generated by mankind
are dying.
The pain he creates.
Its influence does gently flow
alongside the love energy.
Would it surprise you
for me to say to those that live
in that troubled part of the world?
Who constantly fight
neighbor against neighbor,
country against country.
"Look you people.
You dwell in a special place.
You are constantly fighting.
You are not worthy to live here.
Leave and go somewhere else".
Yes. Thank you for that.
Yes it is a special place isnít it, the world.
Enough worldly problems.


Jane. You are so kind Pan.
What is the next most important thing?
Iris. Lets leave it up to pan.
What he feels is the most important.
Because we donít know.


Contained within each individual.
One might say there is a plan.
An individual plan
that that individual follows.
in time
in the short term
it is hoped that that you
will see a convergence,
a coming together
of yourselves,
your associates.
People of a like mind
will be attracted.
Your lives may be momentarily
in turmoil.
A turmoil of an uncertainty
about tomorrow.
Have faith
in those about you.
Have faith
in the greatness
of the one energy.
Forget not
where you walk
it walks.
Where it walks
I walk behind.



Jane. What do you think about a healing centre Pan?
Does this thought of yours follow on to that?
This is an extra ordinarily good idea.
Jane. Laughs.

A lot of us seem to be made free of our lifetime partners at the moment.
The new energies that abound.
New energies that have been brought into being,
     released or rekindled
by yourselves and others.
Have contributed
to a new awareness,
a clarity,
a vision,
a need
to change your lives.
This may cause turmoil
for some individuals.
Strength and faith,
yes blind faith
will be needed
to complete the transition.
For they will be many
who will come and howl
"you are wrong".
Jane. How?
Howl. Like a dog --- Others will howl
"That you are wrong".



Where will this centre be?
In this place.
What about John?
The boy, will place his hat where he is to work.
What kind of work will John be doing?
The changes within the boy are many.
The flooding of the brain with blood
you would say has washed out this place.
His. His place?
This place.
This place? erm which place? This one? I donít understand
Energies become purer for each individual.
You have a saying
"like attracts like".
May I offer some humor?
You may say
the boy has had his head washed out.
He will attract others
who have had their head washed out.
You may think of that as you wish.



He will not return again
with the next fulfillment of leaving.
Iris. Would you then come through another person if the boy goes?
There is no other incarnate at this time.
Jane. We must get that Clary Sage growing.
I feel that the Clary Sage for John is very important. Is that right?

There is an immense strength
growing within the body.
This strength is fueled
by those about him.
Those in the physical world.


Jane. Pan I do hope that John will be here with us for some years.
Your not going to whisk him away
--- Straight away ---
Too soon
Iris. What of the next five years.
Should we prepare for the next five years?
Your preparation has started.
The opening of your lives,
its change of circumstance.
This is preparation
moving at first slowly
so that you become
naturally acclimatized.
After you walk
you will start to run.
Many will be
unable to run at the pace you set.
Do not wait
keep running.
They will catch up.
But some may be left behind.



Iris. Will John work in the healing clinic?
If it is your desire,
for you will create an environment.
Iris. What could he do?
He will do that which he does already.
And much more
in a different way,
a different way
with the different energies.


Jane.  Will he have enough money to live on?
It is possible,
as it is also possible for others.
Is it not said,
"Enough is just enough"
for those special people.
Many simple things in life
are of great importance.
The grass,
the green trees,
the fish in the water,
the birds in the bushes,
these are of more importance.
Rather than your iron horse
and miles of tarmac.



Iris. What work will Jane do in the centre and what work could I do?
With the start of a new venture,
you may be wise
to approach it from
a position that is
slightly less than conventional.
I spoke earlier
about your ability
the ability of many
with a dream
that passes out
onto the collective conscious
that becomes a reality.
If it is your desire
to create this place
and this situation.
Make a cunning plan,
a dream.
and let it float out
onto the collective consciousness.
Create it.

Let those energies flow out
from this place.
Your desires will be created.
As a collective desire
you will say,
"Can you do this".
The answer will be "Yes".



Iris. I donít live here. Thatís why I asked. I donít understand --- ---.
Neither does the boy live here.
But will travel.



Jane. Can I ask about Clary sage and Johns well being, the little seedlings?
Let them grow,
plant them out when ready.
It gives them more space,
breathe more air.
Send roots further down.



Jane. ---- ---May I ask.
Would it be an Earth shift in five summers?
The Mayan being, the old the one that came through
to our old friend M.H. said that they got the calendar wrong and it was
Will we need to know if there is going to be Earth change energies.
More about this energy that you were talking about--- ---.
The energies of the background field.
Some call the cosmic energy,
is separate from the changes in energies,
which progress at this moment in your time.
These changes
starting at this moment
may well bear fruit
in five more summers.
There are a great many factors
that will contribute to the change
of these energies.
The activities of yourselves
and others
is a factor to be considered.
Some people do.
For the nature of man is such,
that he will say this will be tomorrow.
The energies will progress.
Will those of wisdom
join with the energies,
to assist all?
Only an individual can say.



Iris. Can I ask if my work will be here in the years to come?
I can relate to you a desire,
a vision of tomorrow.
Those represented here
including yourselvs
are the shifters.
The movers
and the doers
of that vision.
If you wish it to be so.
So it will be.
Thank you.
Your desire appears strong.
Am I incorrect in my vision?
That scattered about your person,
there is an uncertainty of tomorrow.
as you always have
That which is in your heart.
I am telling my mother grand to consume eggs.
No your not.
Consider that which is inside,
the inner knowing.
The humorous way
in that which contained in my last sentence.
Consider something.
An egg,
It grows inside.
You give it birth,
a new idea.
A new vision
from inside,
grow and brought into reality.
Iris. You are saying that if we dream.
If we dream well enough that we can bring the dreams into reality?
And that we have the power to do it.
And that I personally have certain qualities which can do it yes
Thank you.



Iris. Somebody else is here as well.
Your hand in hand Pan with some body else today.
Somebody else is here.
Who is that other being? I donít know who they are.
Small and gentle.
Jane. Oh Pan, is it the little girl that Allan felt?
The little girl.
The small girl.
Jane. Is it to do with the planets?
Because when Allan tuned in.
Had this relationship with you.
He saw a small girl with you.
Its not just a small girl were talking about the beings of planets are we?
Iris. The small girl,
who is she.
What dose she represent?
So that we may understand and love.
Female worldly influence.
That particular female
that has contained with the small girl,
the wonderful energy
of universal love.
Iris. Ah. Oh thatís lovely.
Ah I can feel her.
She is going to help us isnít she?
The small girl is a representative,
a representative of the universal love.
That which spans across time.
She moves and permeates everything.
It is as she is.
The vision of her small socks
and small black shoes,
the pretty dress
and the feeling of Love.
These are things that appear,
to be seen.
Yet beneath this child like exterior
there is much knowledge.
Iris. What is the part that she will play here?
As a representative of that great power,
She will provide a stable base,
a platform
to create
those thoughts and desires.
A stable base
a stable universal energy
for those thoughts and desires
to travel upon.

In the complex combination,
she will also learn
and understand
the transformation
that can be brought about
by her physical presence.

Jane. Is she a complementary part of you Pan?
Only as she is a complementary part of everything.
Jane. Allan will be very interested.
Allan the energy from abroad,
that came one day when you talked to us.
Because he saw with you.
He saw a small girl
and has never understood who this small girl was.
Is it the being same that he saw?
This is the same being.
Ah. Is she related to a planet or is it because she is everywhere?
She is related to everything.
Yes. She is everywhere.

There are those
incarnate at this moment in time,
who she appears about.
As they work
she draws closer,
and is seen by those who can see,
standing next to those
who would help her.
Iris. Help her in what way? By manifesting love?
Is that it?
Iris. So if we manifest what she is, then we are helping her arenít we?
Yes. She can --- to grow ---
Jane. Because love is an expanding thing.

A part of the great consciousness isnít it.
More love generated.
Sheís a symbol of that.
Iris. She came today to let us know that this is going to happen Yes?

The energy draws close for those reasons.
There are these
who would perceive this energy,
this vision as a guide,
or helper.
There are those who walk upon
this time
who she draws close to,
and others follow,
gathering as theyíve done before.


Jane. Pan. The term came - - going on in my wrighting Sisters of the stars.
Itís so good to hear a voice.
So good.
Who do you hear?
It is so good to hear her voice.
So good.
Iris. Good to hear the voice of the energy?
So the Sisterhood is.
It is difficult to remain in this position.
Iris. It is difficult for you to remain in this position is it?

Jane. Pan Thank you so much.
So the
Sisters of the stars. It is a proper name. I, Oh yes.
You should know this.
Jane. Laughs. Well we donít always believe ones writings do we,
well I donít always.
I thought it was the most lovely name.
So were all meeting together again yes.
Yep. Sisters of the stars. Wonderful.
So it is to hear your voice.
Jane. Pan our love for you is so great, as for the boy.
Pan I feel that perhaps the energy we have used of the boy.
We ought to make him a cup of tea.
Perhaps there might be kind enough to talk to us some time during this weekend again.
Energies for --- boy --- stronger his health---
Piece of cake, cup of tea. Yes.
So be it.
I, um.
No more.
Take care girl.