This will result in the energies of this environment,
Enhancing the environment even more.
Enhancing it for those who walk through your gate.
The animals that live here,
all things.
Good for the flowers.



Iris. So Jane and me having infusion of Clary sage when should.
When would you suggest this?
You have the knowledge.
You have the people.
You will have the sage.
You have the water.
The time is also yours as you desire.
Iris. So you think that we should take it when we think necessary?



Iris. Yes. Ok and with the boy, would I be there?
Are two erm days in which I would like to see him have this infusion.
One would be creativity, One would be health.
Which of them would you suggest?
You have so much more knowledge than I have. Or we have

Yes I am allowed and I will tease.
Good, Ok.
You have five days, five days alone.
Now you have manufactured yourself a dilemma.
How do I wish the boy?
To be creative.
To be reborn,
to die,
to live,
to be healthy.
You must choose for you have the time.

Jane. Yes. Well we werenít given the fifth option.
Iris. No we werenít.
There is one with always a shadow.
The last day.
Jane. Last, Nepthys. Nepthys has the attributes of a shadow.
Itís a responsibility isnít it Pan? Must get it right.
Come to your decision.
You have the information.

As you progress,
talk to the boy,
this is correct.
He may not know,
but he will answer.
The answer will answer your question.
Jane. Ok.
Your doubts will be dispelled.



Iris. So are you erm. The Clary sage is one herb.
So are we looking to the future.
Say that any herbs that many be erm infused here
that we use the same technique as it were?
This is just a beginning.
Yes it is isnít it.
A start.

Iris. Are you taking us back to the old ways?
Or is this something going into the next phase?
This is a percentage.
A percentage of the old ways,
gathering herbs, their uses,
the way they grew,
the way they are planted
and the way they are harvested.

Now is the new time.
By using old ways,
modern methods,
modern understanding,
the understanding about light, growth.
The use of herbs within water.
The significance of the water.
The holistic approach.
All things intermixing.

Not only helping the ailing physical body,
for youíre well aware
some of the ailments
are within
the mental capacity
of the person who is ill
and not in the physical.
All things within the treatment of the individual
will be gathered in.
With new methods.


Clary Sage is the beginning,
the most useful,
the most medium.
Easiest to learn with,
the quickest results.
Other things will flow,
but they will be slower,
long term.

Most following the cycles of the Moon,
its ebb and flow.
The natural cycles.
In extreme cases
one may need to diversify
into other influences such as the Sun,
the planets,
the formation of the stars,
the orientation of the Earth.
The subject is complex.
Fear not of the amount of information.



Ok may I ask you something?
As your time progresses
you will find you will remember.
I will say nothing.
You will remember.

Jane. Ok thank you. I, we are older.
Both older, erm and will there come a time when we will need to show others this?

Iris. ---- and I live in Ė and how can I help Jane living there?
This is the second time you have asked this question.
Iris. I know I have.
And must answer again
much in the same way as I did last time.
That your circumstances over time will change.
Not as suddenly as the boy
or as dramatic
but they will change.
There is much modern communications.
your visits.
Iris. I can come for so many days and help. Yes.


Both have different attributes.
Yes I know.
Each one has different attributes.
Iris. So what are the attributes I have that will help Jane?
Those who talk to you are spiritual in their ways.
Talk to me.
Talk to the boy,
Talk to Jane.
Others who come along and talk to you.
You will recognize,
you will know the truth.
For you will feel,
this person is describing to me
which I have heard before
and you will know
that person talks to the same person as you do.
And so what they say is not discarded.
Who else can do this for others?
Thus the circle continues round.
This is but one attribute.
One small leaf on the tree.



There may be those that come here,
and sit
and think to themselves,
that was wonderful,
but I did nothing.
Their presence here
is the thing that is required.
Iris. And we need to tell them that, donít we?
They need to be aware that thatís what they are doing.
Iris. So that all may come knowing that that they come
bearing the gifts of their energies of themselves, yes.
Iris. Bearing the gifts of the divinity within,
which they are bringing to this
h.o.l.e place.
Jane. Yes.
Yeah, thatís what it is.
Jane. I feel my part that I have very limited expertise,
and am very glad of the guidance from you.



Iris So may I ask Pan for Janeís attributes.
So that she may recognise them.
Without Jane, her presence.
Her attributes.
None of these things
that have taken place
over the last twenty four or more months
would have taken place.
Jane provides the catalyst for the boy,
the environment.
So that we may exchange.
A peaceful environment to create,
to allow things to happen.
Your expertise of bringing people together
in the right place at the right time.
You may look upon your knowledge
as much and varied.
A little bit here and a little bit there
to all those tiny pieces fit together now.
Particular things
and particular ways.
You have the environment.
You have the water.
You have the love.
Without those things
I would not sit here.
Jane. Thank you.



We have worked together before.
At other times.
At other times your success was not great.
Today we are further than ever
towards a new tomorrow,
hidden in the beautiful country.
Societies have changed.
Are you not freer now,
to do the things you do
without condemnation from society?
Without the fear of death
from society.
Success is within your grasp.



Jane. Pan may I ask a question.
Erm we were given some talk before of the circle that was here,
and they spoke of a group of people.
Erm they said the
queen of the circle she came.
We. She was released from this area,
and came back to give us all a present in our group.
And we held our hand out, and she gave us all a gift.

Jane. Are you aware of the queen?
She was called the queen of the stones.
And they were quite a learned group,
and she gave us a gift.
Are you aware of that?
I am.
Jane. Could you say what my gift was?
The first word I used.
Jane. Catalyst. Thank you.
Memory will waken.



Picture in the great circle will be seen.
Each one fitting in,
into the circle will be seen.
Jane. I think John was anxious to know weather he was going to move - - -
Iris. Am I right in thinking that we must not know all things?
That we must make our own decisions
In the great circle of things
there is much we cannot know,
for each individual walks along the pathway of their circle,
contributing actions,
their desires.
Only the individual will say
this is the thing we will do,
or this is not for me.
The individual will make this decision
based upon his knowledge.



Iris. Because I know Iím going to have freedom,
and because we are a three here.
Am I right in thinking that we should meet up regularly as a three?
Or as and when necessary.
What Iím trying to say is that when I come here.
Should we meet for this information to come through.
Or will you give it to Jane without me being here?
Whenever information is needed.
Jane. It will come wont it?
Ė Who ever is present.
Providing they have understanding.
Providing the information is accepted by those present.
Some of those present
may not understand,
for it is not always desirable
that the significance is understood.
It will be given.
Make your meetings small or large.
For there is many that can benefit.



Jane. About the Djed raising - - - finished now.
Does this coming through John and using his body as a channel.
Does this effect his health?
I thought it would. But which way does it effect his health?
My own life force.
Iris. So you would enhance his life force?
That is all I was worried about. - - - .



Jane. May I ask one other thing?
We are thinking of having a
Djed raising
erm on the
Solstice, the 21st. of June
Would you be agreeable to this? Allan asked me to ask Pan - - -
This will provide for this place.
This special place a re-enforcement,
a re-enforcement of the energies
that have developed
since last the Djed was raised here.
Yes good.
The raising of the Djed this time
will provide a permanent structure
a permanent structure
understood by many
not only in this life but in the other dimensions.
Seen as the backbone,
will be seen as the backbone of this place,
this dwelling place.
The backbone is like the human body.
Blackbird skipping through - - - - dimension - - - .
Jane. Thank you. Thank you very much.
So it will come to pass.



Are you sure there is nothing we can do for you dear Pan?
The rain has gone.
Things are calmer,
back to normal,
see how things change.