Heavy rain audibly falls outside.

Spinning down your window into the soil,
refreshing and cool. A fine taste,
a beautiful sound.
The sound of the seashore so far inland.

Weeks have passed.
Yet my voice seems clear.
Many things have happened.
Just a beginning,
new dawn.

The heavens open.
New energies pour.
There may be confusion,
many in it unsettled.
The energies will quieten.
The rain suddenly gets a lot louder, rattling on the extension roof.
Pan has to talk louder to be heard.
Unlike me at this present time.
In one so full of change,
like your sky.
The Sun has gone and the rain pours down.
We feel the energy.
Tomorrow those in the ground will grow.
Not only the life of a plant,
but those who tend it.
Those who look towards all things
should tend it,
those who look to other things
will change
will change like the sky.
The pain herein will soon be passed.
The rain storm eases slightly.
Changes inside,
deep inside,
for tomorrow.

Lighten the mind and talk to me of things.
Jane. Wonderful to see you again. Wonderful to have John with us again.
A transitory period of great difficulty.
Of great change,
all has gone well.

Can you tell us what we can do best to help John at this moment please?
Iris. John has given us a question.
Erm, he feels he is living halfway between this world and the next.
Can he see the picture of tomorrow?
Does he need to?
What part will he play, how?
This is a transitory period,
changing how one thinks and feels,
observing more,
observing more,
observing more of the spiritual realms
rather than the physical.
This will allow more interaction,
more exchange,
more passes of kisses
passes of kisses?
Our love is great.
The boy has much work,
returned again.


The rain storm suddenly stops and a bird can be heard singing.
Now there is peace the storm has gone.
The birds still sing.
This is how things may change so quickly.
In one moment the storm,
then the Sun.
Sometimes a storm is needed,
it will change,
will refresh things.
A cuckoo calls.
The birds agree.

You may help the boy by providing energy,
healing energy.
Which is generated within this place.
Be mindful of the effect on the physical.
Jane. How?
Good signs and signs of negativity will manifest themselves
very very quickly from this moment.
This is necessary for future experimentation.
The tasting of water,
the eating of herbs,
can be passed very quickly for him.

Jane. Which herbs will be best for him please?
An infusion of Clary Sage with your water.
Mix an infusion with your water 500 ml.
You may add to that another one times 500 ml.
or 5 x 500 ml.

Jane. Could you explain that please
If you have in your possession some Clary Sage.
Jane. Yes.
You may with your water
infuse the herb in 500 ml. of your water.
Jane. Yes, how much of the herb?
Until it is not possible
that the water
will take any more herb.
Until it floats on the surface
and the water is saturated.


Jane. So we put a pile of herb into a container and then put it in 500ml. until it covers the top?
A very good strong cup of tea.
A very good strong cup of tea.
Then dilute with 500 ml.
Yes, or one x 500 ml.
Or 5 x 500 ml.


Jane. But at the moment of course the Clary Sage has not grown.
We only have the seed. is there anything we can do till the Clary sage has grown?
Ask your growing lady
Iris. And also about the dosage
she may be able to provide dry Clary Sage.
Yes thank you. You were going to tell us which day to plant the Clary sage seed, please.
Your growing lady will give you a time for planting.


Jane. Five days before the full Moon?
Contained within that time
will be a period when there is a full Moon.
The period of the full Moon
is a time of special time.
Two days before and two days after the full Moon,
or five days.
If you plant five days before full Moon
the seeds will flourish at the time of the full Moon.
Jane. Right thank you.
And start to grow.
You must be very mindful
of these five inter no time days.
Each day holds a particular significance.
Therefore as the seed blossoms on one day
its attributes will be different to another.
You may find,
indeed that you need to plant the seeds
on the first day of the full Moon.
So that they may sprout on the last.
This is creation within creation.
There is much to learn on this subject.


Jane. Thank you. Thank you for teaching us.
The Egyptian society held most of the knowledge
known about these five days,
incorporated into their love of creation.
Into their myths of how the world began.
The truth is there.
Each day they have attributed to an Egyptian god.
The attributes of these gods
are a useful overall guideline
as to the attributes of that period of the full Moon.
Those five days,
their own five days of birth,
extra days,
no time, extra time.


Iris. Can you give the sequence of the gods on those five days?
The sequence is well written
in the myths of the Egyptians.
Jane. Yes it is.
There are several myths,
several interpretations.
The interpretations that you should be aware of
are those that say
Set was born on the third day,
the day of the full Moon.
The attributes of Set,
you will be well aware of,
and likewise be cautious of that day.


Jane. If we plant on the fifth day before new [sic] Moon, is that the day of Isis?
No, the day of Isis is the first day.
Jane. Is that the first day after the full Moon?
Isis, that special time,
was born two full days before the full Moon.
Jane. Two days before?
That is correct.
Iris. So you were saying each day has its own significance,
its own attributes and the seeds will be affected accordingly by the day on which they are planted. Yes?
Thatís correct.
Iris. Thatís what were saying isnít it?


Not only dose this signify a planting time
but it signifies harvesting time
as the cycle of the Moon will be very significant.
Jane .Because the?
The cycle of the Moon
will be very significant in the work to come.
Be clear of its effect.
Understand its effects and all the consequences.
I am here to help you with this
Jane. Thank you.

Experiment not.
For the first infusion will be the first infusion.
The first to follow all others,
like the first man and woman.
Jane. Which is the best day to plant for John. The seed for John?
At this moment in time it is not important.
There is no time.
To perfect assistance require dried herbs
and make the infusion.
Be aware of the days around the full Moon.
Make your infusion to enable that which is needed
to be taken within one week of the full Moon.
Iris. So how long will the Clary Sage be infused in the water?
Until it is totally infused,
three days.
Iris. Total infusion Clary sage three days.
So it must be taken within the week of the last of those three days, yes?
The infusion must be taken
upon one of the five days surrounding the full Moon.
This will necessitate you
looking upon the myths of ancient Egypt.
Suggesting to yourselves
what is the significance of each day.
and administer your infusion
upon the day of your choice.
With this you will have
from the boy an immediate reaction,
is this infusion good or is it nasty?
No harm will come of this.


Iris. How much should he take? And how often?
The circumstances,
the energies this first time will be once only.
At the ratio of five to one infusion.
If the infusion is sweet and wholesome,
one very large glass,
will be good,
a bonding together.
Have I made things clear?


Iris. We have 500 ml. of water which we fill with clary sage.
Then we dilute with one 500 ml. of water, or 5 x 500 ml.
So either or. Erm.
In some circumstances you may need a very strong quantity.
A large quantity.
What dose it do?
Through the natural digestive system
it is taken through the body,
finding its way through the bodies natural processes.
Into the central nervous system.
Covering all the body.
Repairing damaged lines of communication.

In this initial experiment,
this experiment opens for every one,
for my communication with you,
for your understanding,
for your expertise at carrying out these instructions
and you will see the results for you personally.
Who are you talking about for you personally. Is it for Jane?
For Jane and yourself.
You will see the results of the words,
and the labors.


Iris. May I go over what else you said--- ---.
Were going to ask the sage lady Juliet.
Were going to ask the herb lady Juliet for dried sage.
Erm, and it should be made up within two days of the full Moon and two days afterwards,
making five days.
Each of those
[full] days is linked to one of the Egyptian gods
and each Egyptian god has its particular attributes.
So we must, or we can choose to do the infusion on a certain day in order to get those attributes into the infusion. Yes?
Yes ---.
Iris. So for example. Erm you did mention. Jane. Youíve got to be careful of Set.
Iris. Youíve got to be very very careful of Set on the full Moon.
Yea but you did mention four attributes, which Iíve got.
Jane. But not the fifth. Health.
Iris. But there wasnít a fifth.
Jane. Birth, death, creation. Birth, death, health.
Iris. Creativity and health. But not the fifth, and
Isis was the first.
Jane. She was two days before the
full Moon.
Iris. Yes she was the first.
Jane. Whatís that?
You know, whatís that first day before the full Moon is which one?


I am aware that there may be some confusion.
You have asked and I have answered.
The two projects.
The two projects in their outcome are quite separate.
I have made you aware of the two days before
and two days after the full Moon.
If you have a Clary Sage seed,
you note when the five days will be appearing.
To develop the seed you must plant it five days before any one of the five days of the gods.
Jane. So we donít want to plant it five days before the full Moon because otherwise creation is on Sets day.
Which we donít want. Iris. Are you say--.
One must during this process accept and understand
the things both positive and negative,
that may happen on that day.
For there may be things
which you desire and others desire to change.
There may be things which you desire after the want of Set.
Jane. After the want of Set.
That you may wish to destroy.
That you may in fact may wish to chop up,
to kill,
to spread around.
Expand your consciousness.
Think of the great illnesses that mankind suffers.
Think of this thing called Cancer so old.
This thing called Aids so new.
Some may consider
that it would be useful to kill such a thing.
So there may be a use for the death day of the full Moon.
Are you clear about the planting process?


Jane. Erm, for John which is the best day. Five days before- Iris. Can I. Can I. Iíve got it down. So -.
For the boy you are making an infusion.
Look at the days their attributes think to yourselves,
what would you like for the boy?
Then make your infusion and take it on that day.
The particular day of the Moon
that has the attribute that you wish,
and look at the result.
This is special.
Iris. Make the infusion on a particular day according to its attributes. Yes?
You have to allow the infusion time
before the day so that one can take upon that day.
Iris. So let's say you wished to be on the day of creativity.
Make it three days before the day of creativity?


Ok ---- there is a lot here.
I am thinking Pan that perhaps we should make erm a diagram.
Or would you suggest that we keep it in our minds? Should we make a diagram?
You are well aware that any information,
any knowledge.
That others with less intention will simply fade away.
whatever medium you require.
The information,
the knowledge must in its initial stages,
rests squarely with you.
Iris. So we donít mention it to anybody?
Square is number four the sign of the Earth.
Nice and green.
Iris. So what you also said if I may. Iím trying to remember.
Is that we could plant the seed five full days before one of the days of a particular attribute. Lets say birth.
Iris. Yes. Am I correct in that interpretation?


Iris. Erm and then harvesting.
Harvesting the plants is another very large picture.
In conjunction with the attributes of the Moon.
There is more, so much more.


Jane. Judy has told me, erm where she thinks it best
to put the
Clary sage along the side of the house. Is this correct please?
With reference to my orientation to the North or West.
Jane. Sorry I didnít hear that. Reference to the orientation? Iris. North or West. So with this house.
You grow Leeks in this particular part of the garden.
Jane. Well there are two places we grow leeks --- --- ---Thatís North behind the boy.
Is the Leek bed behind the boy?
That is what I was asking you yes.
Jane. Yes thank you.
--- --- --- --- Jane. Yes so thatís where the Clary sage is going.
Iris. So that. Would you agree we would call the back of the house where the Leeks are?
Iris. And the front the front of the house is where the Camellia is, big pink flowers.
Iris. So where would you suggest putting the Clary sage?
At the rear of the house.
Near the fence.
You have a wooden fence.
Jane. Yes.
And is there a garden implement
stuck in the soil at this moment?
Jane. Yes.
This is the place.
Jane. A fork down there. Iris Yes thatís right.
Near your gate --- --- with Leeks.
Thank you.

Thatís an ideal sheltered place.
Later you may well decide
with my words to plant some of the crop in different places.
This will result in the energies in this environment
changing enhancing the environment even more.