My little children.
The wind buffets your window.
Press my face quite close.
You have words.
Five little children
those five yet to be born.
The gods may come again
to walk on the face of the Earth.
Will this not be a pleasant thing?
Many parts of the world.
There will be parts of the world
where people will
shout out loud,
"look for here amongst us is the son of God"!
and from another part of the world
the cry will go up,
"look the son of God is among us"!
Five times the cry will go up.
Is this not fitting that no one race,
no one country
will beholden the face of God.
It is written
and will come to pass.
There now I feel better.

What interesting things
shall we talk about today?
How goes your exercise with light?
Not going very well, need help
You have a very large amount of information.
As our work together progresses
things will be said
actions will be taken
and you will be able.
It is time to refer
to this great mass of information.
Tread quietly,
do not rush,
there is indeed no need to haste.
Energies will change.
I feel the slip and slide.

You are all very beautiful today.
The energy from a different part of the world
makes a great contribution.
You have encountered me before.
Will you meet me in the street?
in meditation
That is not the question I asked.
Will you meet me in the street
Jane explains Johns "tramp" story
Upon your visit to the warmer climate,
with the sun upon your back.
Your head clears
as you walk along the street.
Raise the question
why dose that old man
wear so many clothes?
Describe him.
Catch me if you can!
You may talk with him.
my old man.
I am always never complete.
My worldly appearance,
I must retain my own identity.
Jane. Your feet
That is correct.
Rooted upon the ground,
they must never change.
So Pan will always keep his own feet
Will we have talk with this one in ancient physical form?

If it is your desire.


We have much work
to do in the coming months.
We must talk.
There must be a planting
and a growing.
Not only of things green (herb)
but a growing of your mind
and body
and knowing mind.
This way things will change,
slowly at first
till the little ones come.

May I ask where the little ones come. What country?
Will we have connections with them? Body connection, physical?

They will come,
the call will be great.
So they will call.
Donít understand the five blue babies, about mother and father. Geb and Nut, Pan. The apocalypse
Yes this is correct.
The five, Isis, Osiris, Nepthys, Horus and set
Your vibration spins a wise influence.
You have the story ------------ nature without my words.
I have tears of joy on my face.
I saw them


This feels very good
and makes me happy,
but I will not blow
unless I break a window.
You are very quiet.
You see me every where
johns car window not misted

Frank. Children coming to see their parents. Do their parents belong to this group?
One is.
I am causing a stir am I not?
and I tease you
by making you think.
It is very profound what you have told us

Gods the five children,
humanity sent of the gods
The gods coming to see their parents.
The gods come into this group. One of the parents is here.
Frank. Is that right

There are many facets to your group.
There are people in other places
that are indeed
members of this group,
of other groups,
all intermixing,
all sharing,
and so may be
here and another elsewhere
by the circumstances
that present themselves at this moment in time.
Thank you

The children will have their own mother and father,
this is so.
But also als
o before they rested
unborn in their motherís womb
and passed away in a seriese of lives.
The experience of visiting
this paradise again.

Outside a cock crows
Dose not the bird sound sweet.
Allan. You mention the five. We know from the five we have the followers of Horus.
You were saying that they were here. Not necessary people around the world,
they will be classed as followers of Horus. The
Shemsu Hor -- Egyptian myth, creators.
Is the planet being seeded again by these people?

Seeded again
by the original energies.
By the desire and the will.
Not my will
but his will.
How can I name him?
For he is so great.
Is in all things.
By gods desire
it is not enough.
But it is his will.
The five little ones
will be hybrid
as the original energy.
The original energy Ictus?
That is correct.
The Christ energy?
This is correct.
Thank you
Jane. When will the children be born? John, Marrion, -- have heard talk about this before
Times and dates are in position.

I must drift away.
We have a lot to ask you
Tomorrow will bring fun.
Well I look forward to tomorrow Pan
Well we are to have some fun together

Someone will be displeased.
Can you tell me who will be displeased?
You will see this
do not be concerned.

My dear you have hands.
You write.
I am greedy for knowledge
I have the word.

Geof. The changes?
The changes will come
from man itself.
This must be.
Man must change.
The energy will come from within.
Not in a startling moment
when the change happens.
Because it will happen quick,
so very quick.
Within five of your summers
things may change
beyond all recognition.
This is dependent upon
those in spiritual realms
and yourselves.

Do we meditate?
Preparation is vital.
You are prepared at this moment in time.
For you have listened
to the words
and now have the knowledge.
Do you not know
what tomorrow may bring?
Yes, lifting the veil
The curtain is already torn.
The veil between
the worlds of the spiritual ones
and those incarnate
on this Earth
grows thinner and thinner.
The awareness of mankind is lifted.

Allan. One of the dates mankind points out is 2012. What is your perception of this date?
Will it be tied in with the lifting of the veil? Sudden way.
Cataclysm, forced to change our ways from inside?

With the distribution of the little ones.
Feelings go out.
Energies will change.
Vibrations will change.
The feeling,
the changes,

the love will grow quickly.
The change will come
within you,
from within the individual,
in the presence of these energies.
I use the word child
for it will come to pass.
There are others
who may not know
of these events,
but perceive the coming
of the violet blue energies.
Some say the same words.
The changes will be slow.
I say in your calendar.
They will be very quick,
as time 2012 is too far away.
Geof. It will come before? Allan. Final call 2012
All will change.

How can those you have spared,
who spit on their neighbor,
They must stop spitting.
If everybody
on the face of the Earth
do not spit
why should they spit?
This is so.

Will it be accompanied by physical disasters to the Earth, or changes?
There may be disasters,
may be large disasters,
both man made
and Earth made.
These things are not written in stone.
Tomorrow is yours.
You have tomorrow in the palm of your hand.
You have the knowledge.
You have the power.
You are the one
who moves about this planet
and can say,
no I will not be part of this.

Those who perish by natural disasters.
I am there,
one with them.
The Earth itself is a living being,
always shifting
at such a graceful pace.
But for you sometimes violent.
The mountains crack,
run with fire,
there is loss of life.
But I am there.

Geof. So those with a spiritual knowledge can rise above it
This is a wrong phrase,
rise above it.
Geof. Rise above
Can I say this unto you,
A better word

Look into yourselves,
in the face of destruction
And consider,
how does this get into the great plan.
There may be destruction
and loss of life,
but the finger points
and says
murderer, murderer of people.
Consider within yourself
Because the big picture.

Will Allan play a part?
You ask me to make predictions.
Tis not your time.
It is in the head of the boy.
I hear it rolling,
as he stands closer to me.
Tis not your time to walk upon
tomorrow is yours.
You have the power,
you have the choice.

You have the modern technology.
Billions of vibrations
scream through the airways,
spinning off the planet,
traveling into space.
I must leave to recover.
Thank you from all of us