Subatomic particles
that form with the interaction
with a human being.
Why can your carefully picked Sage
can be so different?
Sub atomic particles
will subtly change its properties
it will be super charged.
With this super charged environment
the amount of plants
you need to grow
will be small.

Infusions can be made
with your sweet water
that already trickles into your house.
These infusions can be diluted
and diluted to a point
that you may feel
will be unacceptable.
But I say this
that the fine cool water
acts as a carrier
and a conductor
of the sweetly altered
molecular structure.

Much to talk about.
The environment is
so unique
unique people gather
unique Energies
unique people
unique Ground
unique water
So together
we can be practical.
Effect a cure.
I will return to the boy
and explain more.

You are aware
as many travel the spiritual realms
covered in light.
He walks an all domains
with humor
those encountered on the way.
He is so old
he is called so young.

The physical things
that Pan through his body.
The consequence
of these actions.
Also a consequence
of his desire
and the desire of the one great energy
that have returned him
to the Earth plane here
after his time was finished
that he remain invisible.
This invisibility causes
a retention
a retention of light
to remain invisible,
for if the light spread out
you are seen.
This retention of light
causes the electrical charges
of the electrical   [charge].

Johns physical being?
it is possible that you refer
to the physical.
There are ways
and there are plants.
First you have
the process of understanding,
you will need understanding
both on the physical
and on the spiritual levels.

These are things
we must openly discuss.
For if you can
effect a cure for one
there will be
a cure for many.

In my condition
I am aware
that the complaint is not limited
completely to the physical planes.
To effect the cure
you must know the patient
and why is the complaint manifest.
To expand consciousness.

Much knowledge that I have access to
since the beginning of time.
Spiritual and physical realms

Question .  My interests?
 The enhancement of the world
the animal kingdoms energies
and the world forever.
Politics is not my game,
I do not wish to win.
It is my wish to keep playing.
Do you not think that I have escaped your question well?

Question.   A cure for M.S.
 The cause.
To understand
I must first walk you on a pathway.
One the scientists have taken
for hundreds of years or more
around in the consciousness,
new understandings
have swum to the surface.

Quantum Mechanics.
Now silence
when I mention Quantum Mechanics.
There is a parallel
between things I have described to you,
and your interaction with plants
and how your actions,
your desires throughout,
with use of plants
can subtly alter their structure.

This in the world of Quantum Mechanics
it is a scientific fact.
This is not some airy-fairy
spiritual mumbo jumbo.
This is knowledge.

Changes of the nervous system,
the natural rhythms,
the natural waves and vibrations
to become disturbed is unbalance
in the physical form.
So I answer as to assist
not only the boy
but others who
have the same physical complaint.

Dose it seem strange
that the complaint is caused
by the retention of light.

You my lady
have close links in the medical world.
Let us make a small inquiry,
which you can pursue at your leisure,
an ongoing project.
In this way
if I utter to you specific words
then you may collect them.
In the physical world
you have much information.

I have explained to you
very briefly about the retention of light.
I search for the right words
that you may understand
my communication.
You will return
to those who have knowledge
of these things.
When they say to you.
Yes this is correct.
Great trust will come.
There will be a great understanding.
A bond will be formed.

Look to the scientific community,
search out researchers there.
Quantum Mechanics.
Specifically the emission of light
by all living organisms.

Will I send you on a lengthy trek?
Jane "Ill go".
 I thank you for that.
In those words
I will make your journey shorter.
I will give you
the specific name
of the person,
a scientific person
who studied the emission of light
by all living organisms.
His name is
Popp Yes.. P. Yes O.P. Yes p. Yes.
Nationality or worldliness
is not of my concern
or importance.


 Where is he?
My understanding is
that he is a member
of the German civilisation.
Thank you so much.
Shall I go with John, the boy?
No need to travel.
Information should be readily available.

Thank you. You are getting tired.
Thank you very much.
Those of peace.